I recently had another blogger, queer guess code, respond to my previous post about feminism. Her response perfectly demonstrates the irrational need to hold onto a belief that has taken hold of many feminists. If you read my post, you’ll see that it was quite a mild criticism of some types of feminist thought: it was not a criticism of feminism itself! Yet, the response was one of pure anger. Her response is here. You can check it out if you happen to like reading many exclamation marks, boldface, ALL-CAPS and swearing coupled with a painful writing style and little semblance of a logical flow.

One thing that I have truly been amazed at from writing this blog is how many civilized Muslims have responded to my (sometimes admittedly strong) attacks on Islam and how many uncivilized feminists have responded vehemently against my minor criticisms of certain aspects of feminism.

I really didn’t expect that feminists would be more inclined to be close-minded than religious people. Feminism comes out of a culture of questioning everything! How can this be?

Perhaps my personal experience is not representative. What do others think?