I’ve noticed that conspiracy theorists have some common vernacular. Has anyone noticed this? If you stumble upon a web site that seems suspicious, just search the page for: wake up, sheeple, take/get your head out of the sand, open you eyes, don’t believe the MSM (mainstream media), and lamestream media. If you find any of these expressions, it might just be a conspiracy theory web site.

By the way, yes, I am familiar with the etymology of the word “conspire”, and yes I do know that technically the official story is a conspiracy theory as well. Clearly, if you have half a brain, I am referring to the modern usage of conspiracy theory which would be an idea about how some situation came about which differs from the commonly held belief. Further, I also don’t think that all official stories are true (eg. Bay of Tonkin incident), but some theories are of course wackier than others. The number of aforementioned expressions generally determines the level of wackiness. Man, this whole paragraph would be unnecessary if conspiracy theorists wouldn’t nitpick everything.